I would love to see the @elementary@twitter.com terminal as a @snapcraftio@twitter.com snap or @FlatpakApps@twitter.com for other desktops. It and code our my two favorite apps from them..already have code installed.

I think Polari is going to have to go as my client in @gnome@twitter.com. It looks nice, but just doesn't perform very well. Connections aren't maintained. I may give it a couple more days.

RT @ubuntu@twitter.com: Firefox ESR 60 availability on Ubuntu bit.ly/2yACi4H

Just testing to see if this tweet becomes a toot.

Ok, I'm just testing to see if this toot ends up being a tweet

So I want a desktop app, web service or android app that will let me post to both twitter and mastodon simultaneously... does it exist?

I've tried tootle and whalebird and I think the web interface is still the best way to interact with Mastodon.

I have put myself on a self imposed Gnome/Fedora 30 day challenge. Just threw on Fedora 29 beta today.

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For all the DWM admiring Linux hipsters our there ;-) . The suckless site has a nice list of "stuff that rocks". Basically an index of small, efficient applications they like.


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Developers, we have a new landing page for you over on our blog. Check it out for all developer-related posts in one spot. From developer tips to new features to help your app be the best it can be. buff.ly/2DYf7Y8

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@kev i3 is a window manager such as openbox. It can be used to replace a DE's default window manager or it can run stand alone. It is a tiling window manager..so it's very keyboard centric also. i3wm.org/

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Sometimes our users get creative, or maybe just a little weird. Here is a little i3 with a dash of cinnamon.

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With G+ shutting down in 10 months, it's the perfect time for Mastodon and federated networks to rise above being clones. Ask G+ users what they liked, why they stuck with it. Build better tools into these networks to accept the migrants. And of course demonstrate why federated platforms can be a better design.

cc: @Gargron @pixelfed @dansup et al

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